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Zhuhai SVFFI Aviation Co., Ltd.  

was established in 2016 and is located in Zhuhai Aviation Industrial Park, a national aviation industry base. Specializing in the research and development and manufacturing of aviation and UAV power systems, hybrid power systems, engine system integration and UAV power systems. In recent years, the company has steadily maintained a growth rate of more than 30%. A complete ecological chain integrating R&D, production and sales has been initially established. Has core technology and experienced drone research team. And gained a high influence in the domestic and international markets.


SF-X4-F6000 油电混合行业应用无人机 UAV
SF412-F6000 油电混合植保无人机 UAV
F23K 油电混合动力 Hybrid
SF416-F7000 油电混合植保无人机 UAV
F7000 油电混合动力 Hybrid
F6000 油电混合动力 Hybrid
SF-X4-F2400 油电混合行业应用无人机 UAV


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The research and development of multi-rotor aircraft construction UAV mainly uses the disciplines of aerodynamics, electronics, automatic control, mechanical manufacturing and other disciplines, combined with the characteristics of the lead ropes and cons
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