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Multi-rotor aircraft working principle
The research and development of multi-rotor aircraft construction UAV mainly uses the disciplines of aerodynamics, electronics, automatic control, mechanical manufacturing and other disciplines, combined with the characteristics of the lead ropes and construction environment used in pay-off construction, Rope technology, the development of multi-rotor power line construction UAV, UAV system to solve the use of unmanned aerial vehicles in the larger areas of the laying of the technical problems, and through the construction of the promotion of the project to enhance the company's transmission line construction techinque level.

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Based on the existing UAV pay-off technology, aiming at the control principle of UAV nonlinear compensation feedback control and transient response, this paper analyzes the influence of flight stability, load capacity and resistance by means of three-dimensional simulation, motion simulation and wind test. Wind capacity of the factors that verify the structure of the program UAV flight stability, load capacity and wind resistance. Through testing, testing UAV flight control system, the functional modules of the working conditions, testing UAVs and anti-wind capacity to improve the situation. Study the best ways to improve UAV flight stability, load capacity and wind resistance.

By analyzing the relationship between the environmental factors and the UAV's flight and work in the unmanned aerial vehicle's line construction, this paper studies the realization of various functions and wind resistance of the UAV by mathematical modeling, simulation analysis, flight test and wind test And other ways to enhance the ability to develop suitable for the construction of transmission line construction in China with the construction of multi-rotor UAV.

Multi-rotor design is relatively simple, no requirements of the venue, you can turn in situ, in line with the wind resistance target value requirements. In the program that meets the requirements of wind resistance target value, the cost is the lowest, and the flying training period is short. Under the premise of meeting the goal of load capacity, using battery as power source has lower cost, less energy consumption and no environmental pollution. In line with the State Grid Corporation of energy-saving environmental protection construction equipment requirements.
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