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Multi-rotor UAV technical characteristics
Multi-rotor UAV technical characteristics

(1) visual reference

Visual reference design allows users to successfully complete the initial use of visual built-in wizard settings and prompts the user to take off check, reducing the technical requirements for the operator.

(2) electronic compass real-time online calibration

In the selection of excellent performance of magnetoresistive sensor, but also designed and implemented a real-time online compass electronic compass calibration method, the flight controller will be in real-time monitoring of electronic compass measurements in real time, and its calibration correction, without the need for operation Personnel before taking off after a special electronic compass calibration link, even after the initial use of the factory.

(3) iControl intelligent control system is a control terminal for professional applications. The system follows the unique concept of integration of remote control / ground station and integrates computer network technology to solve the problem of pursuing humane control experience and satisfying professional Application of contradictions. iControl intelligent control system completely eliminates the cumbersome calibration and setup process with the ordinary RC remote control.

(4) Multiple monitoring platform

Based on the browser mode of image transmission and ground control system, many people can use their own mobile phones and tablets at the same time to check the transmitted images and use the devices such as mobile phones and tablets to debug the aircraft.

(5) Home point can be automatically returned home, low voltage to prohibit the take-off to ensure flight safety.
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